POMEROY Gymnastics, Inc.

Birthday Party Contract

Birthday Child___________________ Age________ Parents Name___________________________


                    Street                                                             City         State            Zip

 Phone #______-______-_____ Date of Party ______/______/______ Deposit $_________


     Number of children                                    Saturday Times               

   (Including birthday child)
ž         Up to 8 Children    $175                                     ž 1:00-2:30 
           (1 instructor)
ž        9-14 Children       $225                                     ž 3:00-4:30 
           (2 instructors)
ž       15-20 Children      $295 
           (3 instructors)

      Gym Policies:

1. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking, with the balance of payment due at the beginning of the party.

2. A confirmation of the number of children must be made 12 calendar days prior to the party date; minimum payment will be based on the confirmation number.  If no confirmation number is received, balance due and number of instructors will be based on the number of guests noted at the time of booking.  We reserve the right to refuse to alter the original number of children, or date & time of party, if a request is made less than 12 days prior to the party date.  You may leave a message on the answering machine if calling after normal business hours.

3. Parties begin and end on time.  There will be an additional $15.00 charge if a party extends up to 15 minutes over reserved time.  Parties may not extend more than 15 minutes over time period!

4. Minimum age for children participating in the gymnastics portion of the party is 3 years old.  Younger siblings not participating in the party must remain in the party area. (lobby)

5. Children and parents must remain in the party (lobby) area before and after the gymnastics portion of the party, and must stay off equipment unless accompanied by an instructor.

6. Parents of the birthday child are welcome to watch and take pictures from the floor, however you must remain with the party group.  All other parents must remain in the party (lobby) area for the duration of the party.  Parents of the birthday child are encouraged to observe, but may not use or be on the equipment themselves!  (Including Trampoline)

7. Any child not currently enrolled at Pomeroy Gymnastics, Inc. must have a signed permission slip before being allowed on the gym floor.

8. The gym and party area will be available exclusively to you during your reserved party time.

9. Clothing Policies:  A leotard, t-shirt and shorts, or warm-up suit is suggested.  No  zippers, belts, or buckles on the clothing.  Baggy clothes are dangerous and may not be worn.


      I have read and understand the above policies and do hereby agree to follow them.


      Parent’s Signature ____________________________________Date_________________


Jeff Pomeroy,
Feb 1, 2011, 7:50 AM